December 31, 2009

Fulfilling 2009's Resolution

It took me all 365 days to fulfill last year's resolution.  And 8,758 of the total 8,760 hours in the year. 

Here it is.  My 2009 resolution.  Starting a personal blog.  I finally did it.  I admit it took a while.  And while close, I did beat the buzzer.

I've always had so many things that I feel like I've wanted to "write" down and never had the place or time to do it.  Well, now I have a place.  And now, I just need to make the time.

And that leads me to my 2010 resolution - managing my time more effectively. I'm decent at it already, but I need to be even more efficient with my time - in my personal life, at work, in my soon to be growing family life, and in my consulting work. As different sets of responsibilities grow in one's life, managing your time effectively is of utmost importance. I see concrete examples of its importance when teaching and working with first-year college students and I see it in all other facets of my work and my personal life. Yeah, this resolution is long-winded...and challenging...and a hard goal to measure...but I'm up for the challenge and will be honest with my assessment.

I hope everyone's 2009 resolutions came true and that you are soon on your way to a year of success in fulfilling your 2010 resolutions. 

Happy New Year!